Woodblock Letter T he time came when I knew I needed more than what that little town had to offer, and I had reached my potential as a small aide in the parish, so I set off into Wayhaven, to give myself to the Guild of Priests. I was accepted immediately, and welcomed into the fold. Things, as I said, were much different then, the thee Paths having separate guilds, each in different parts of the realms, the only guild in Wayhaven being the guild of the neutral path. Here Gaia made her home, but the temples of the greater gods were hidden away somewhere in the realms. I chose to worship Gaia, since I had already done much tutelage under her, and knew little about the other deities.

Woodblock Letter I was a faithful servant of Gaia, every day meditating, praying, performing acts under the name of Gaia, doing my best to promote Gaia and her teachings, but Gaia is a lesser god, and I soon came to realize that my role in the future was one of a much greater deity, and much greater power.

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