Woodblock Letter A nd it came that one day, while on one of my obscure assignments, during a mass that I had prepared for a small farming village, that a darkness fell over the land. The sky became as black as night, and blood began to fall in large raindrops. I quickly hurried the townsfolk into their small homes, hoping that they would be safe there until I could find out what was happening. I prayed to Jodan to show me what I could not see, and what I saw horrified me. A group of mages that I had been studying with when I was younger had all donned the Dark Robes, and become Dark Mages. They had banded together with other mages in an effort to conquer the realm as I knew it. I almost panicked, but my faith in Jodan calmed me, and he warned me that difficult times were ahead of me, but that I must go and speak to my Guild, to protect it from the Dark Mages.

Woodblock Letter I hurriedly cast a protection spell over the townsfolk and their small village, hoping to save them from whatever misery the dark mages planned to bring to the land. I could feel Jodan working through me as I cast that spell, and as far as I know, it is still in effect to this day.

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