Woodblock Letter I rushed to the temple of Jodan, to help my Guild battle the Dark Mages, but they cared little for the magic-users. They were convinced that no simple magic-user could trouble the followers of the Gods that looked over them. They laughed at me when I begged them to help me battle the Mages, and tried to tell me that now was the time to strike the other Paths, using the Dark Mages attacks to weaken them, and then, when they were all but beaten, come in and deliver the final blow, then turn on the Dark Mages and send the heathens to their deaths. They were so convinced of their superiority, and how poewrful their faith was, that none should stand in their way to conquer the world. But I see now that they were just small minded mortals, caring only for power, and not the Faith. Woodblock Letter I then journeyed to the Guild of Neutral Gods in Wayhaven, but their sentiments were exactly the same. They wanted to fight, to kill the others, to proclaim their Path the One Path, and cast me out of the Guild. I was ashamed and scared. I left into the woods that night, to commune with Jodan, to learn what it was I must do to convince these people of their foolishness. I brought no food, and no water, only my backpack and walking stick from when I left home as a boy.

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