Woodblock Letter T hey related to me that Keeble, the Head Guild Master at the time, had been feeling edgy as it was, perhaps realizing that this false faith they had been following was wrong, and had been looking to make some changes as it was. However, they warned me, it would not be easy to convince him that the gods they had been worshipping for many years were not the True Gods.

Woodblock Letter A fter discussion with Keeble and Ulme, it was decided that a meeting with me and my eleven companions would be in order.

Woodblock Letter A t that meeting, we related our story, and convinced them, that though there was power in their false gods, since they were based on the True Gods, that the Faith had to evolve, to worship the True Gods. And they agreed.

Woodblock Letter T hey constructed a team of people to prepare the Guild for the change, and spent many months under the tutelage of my peers and myself. The changing of the Guild brought attention from many who wished to help, including Blackstaff, and the Knight Bran, who wished only to see the True Gods followed, but not to be one himself. Together, Flaxen and his companions, Bran, Blackstaff, Mosiah, Ulme, and Keeble prepared the transition from Clerics to Priests.

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