Woodblock Letter O n the mortal plane, a Guild formed, called the Cleric Guild, a shadow of memory of the ancient Priest Guild. The gods they worshipped were not necessarily false gods, as they were based on what people could remember about the ancient and true gods. With all the priests dead, and their temples ruined, there remained no-one to advise them, or tell them the true history of the True Gods. And so this guild began to grow and flourish, acquiring some powers, and gathering a large following. But the True Gods saw that the time had come to stop the false religions, and that the people of Pinnacle, the center of the universe, could finally accept the existence of the True Gods again. Woodblock Letter S o I was sent down to the center of Pinnacle, much older than I was before I had been brought up to the Godly Plane by Jodan, and there I met several people, who showed me the directions to the Cleric Guild. The war now over, the people of Pinnacle were friendly and helpful once more, helping me with anything I needed. I spoke to a few clerics, who eyed me suspiciously, feeling the Holy Power that I radiated. They brought me to Mosiah, who spoke with me. He listened intently, and brought me to Flaxen, who also listened with interest.

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