The Birth of a Cleric

I had heard of the Three Kingdoms from many travellers. I've heard great tales of the realm, and curiousity got the better of me. I remember clearly the day I traveled to the Kingdoms, in search of a great adventure and hoping to meet some great alliances. I stumbled upon the Town of Pinnacle with just the shirt on my back, and some high hopes of becoming a great fighter. I stood at the entrance to the city, in awe, as Knights, Mages and others walked past me, without even a side glance. This realm looked truly great. I walked the streets of Pinnacle, searching for some training. I ventured into the land of Newbie, and began. Searching the different world, fighting with just a newbie sword, and barely any armour to protect me, I spent a great amount of time in that land and developed my fighting skills. I gave great thought to which path I was going to follow. A Noble Knight, a Necromancer, so many paths to choose from, but I then realised, that which was my true calling.

I heard the bells of the church, miles away. I walked through the streets, a little prouder, and my head held high. I approached the great church, an arch as tall and majestic as anything I have seen in all my days stood towering above me. I took a deep breath, and approached a man I saw standing at the entrance. This man, I realised was a Cleric, and his name was Zafirex. I curtseyed gracefully, and asked him, to teach me the ways of the Clerics. He nodded with a smile, and thus began my life as a Cleric.

I walked through the arch for the first time that day. As time passed, I grew to understand the greatness I had come to be a part of, and still am learning, with each passing day, more about my guild. I stand tall among my brethren and wear my symbol with pride. I now know, that it is my calling to be a Cleric, and will be for the rest of my days, here at the Three Kingdoms.

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Inscribed by: Goldmoon -- September 11, 1995