Tales from Behind the Arch

Woodblock Letter T ales abound of brave priests who risked life and limb to heal other members of the Three Kingdoms community. Several priestly scribes have recorded these stories for posterity in the guild annals. Retelling of these traditional tales has kept many an adventurer warm during a cold night on the Plains of Fantasy.

The Alia Story
A portrait of a ferret addiction. By: Icefalcon
Reaya's History
How Reaya began life in the Realm of Three Kingdoms and joined the Guild. By: Reaya
Goldmoon's Birth
The birth of a wonderful priest. By: Goldmoon
Flaxen's Tale
Flaxen: The Player, The Myth. By: Flaxen
Horny's Story
A horny priest tells his story. By: Horny
The Book of Uno
How Allaryin became One with the Gods of Uno. By: Allaryin
Chose my path... or it chose me
How Khazadhum chose his path as a priest. By: Khazadhum

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Inscribed by: Zafirex -- February 27, 2000