Reaya's History

Well, it all started around January of 1994. I was a lowly newbie, mudding just so I could talk to my boyfriend without having to pay a completely outrageous amount of money in long distance phone bills. I spent my time as most newbies of the time between Newbie Land and the center of town. There was always a cleric waiting there to heal me whenever I needed it. The two I remember most clearly are Anna and Kyrie. They were always around, using prayer, healing everyone in a single round. That's what impressed me the most about the guild, this massive power to heal groups of people with hardly a blink. Well, I didn't know much else at the time.

Finally, the day arrived. I had reached 5th level, gotten all the newbie quests, and stock-piled a bunch of xp to go up levels once I had joined a guild. Now all I needed was a cleric to recruit me. I wandered into the shop and said "Is there a cleric in here?" Flaxen answered me and I became his recruit into this the greatest of all guilds on the mud.

It was a lot different back then. We had an entirely different guild layout, we had spells that are no longer in the game, we didn't have spells that are now in the game. But what I remember most about the guild then was the comraderie. Everyone knew everyone else who was on. There were always parties of clerics going out to rock, well, anyplace on the mud. And there was always one low level cleric in those parties. But that wasn't the only way that clerics helped each other out. When I joined, there was no clerics box. To be honest I don't exactly remember what happened to most of the equipment that we had. I guess most of it went to the shop, but some went to lower level clerics from the higher up guys.

One time I recall quite clearly. I was out killing stuff somewhere in Chaos, mostly working for guild experience, working on getting the level I had lost earlier that day too. I got a tell from Glaebor saying to come back to the guild and he would make my day. Well, that was putting it mildly. He looked at me and told me to go sell all the stuff I had on me. I shrugged and said "Okay" and then did that and came back to the guild. Next thing I knew he had bestowed on me all seven pieces of Dark Green Armour as well as a Rune Sword. Needless to say I was impressed. I had never had such great items and was completely shocked that Glae would give them to ME. At this point I was ready to go out and kick some MUD ass. So thats exactly what I did.

I asked around on the cleric line to try and get a party going and I got Horny to agree first. We went out to God knows where and I sat there most of the time completely confused just hitting my alias to Word whatever I was fighting. And most of the time I wasn't even sure exactly what we were fighting. All I know is that I made a bunch of experience, which was probably not much compared to today's standards, and got back my level, plus a bit more. After that party I wasn't about to quit. Horny had to go but I went right back out with Seklos. We headed off to Rastafan's Maze. That whole encounter didn't go very well at all. I almost killed myself at several times as well and ended up killing Sekky at one point to boot. He wouldn't let me take the blame for it but, Sekky, to this day I still feel guilty about it. The worst part about him dying is that I was suddenly stranded in this strange place with nowhere to go and no way to get there. I was completely lost, at 6:00 Am lag, and it was a time before Necromantic teleportation.

Well, I guess there isn't much more I can really say about the clerics. Overall, we are a close knit group with a lot of devotion and loyalty to the guild. Those who start here rarely leave, and many who come later stay too. I count myself lucky to have met and become a part of this, the greatest of guilds on 3-Kingdoms.

Faithfully Yours,


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Inscribed by: Reaya -- September 11, 1995