Jodan is the God of Neutrality and Order.

Alignment: Rigid Neutral
Spheres: Healing and Protection
HP Influence: Somewhat strong
SP Influence: Somewhat weak
Restrictions: No edged weapons

Jodan provides his followers with major access to the following spells:

Spell Name                  Command       Glev Cat  Sphere
Mass Heal                   massheal       11   H   Healing
Sanctuary                   sanctuary      11   M   Protection
Hit Point Heal              hheal          13   H   Healing
Spell Point Heal            sheal          13   H   Healing
Spell of Life               solife         14   H   Healing
Spell of Mind               somind         14   H   Healing
Complete Heal               cheal          15   H   Healing
Holy/Unholy Retribution     retribution    17   M   Protection
Resist Cold                 rcold          17   M   Protection


Alfrean, Alisto, Caniption, Corinthian, Covenant, Dotson, Fate, Foe, Glavas, Gratch, Jenna, Kalith, Miles, Nightrider, Rainyday, Redman, Stonedog, Threk, Yako, and Zz.

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Inscribed -- March 4, 2000

Followers Inscribed by: Ibix -- June 22, 1999