Protection Sphere

Woodblock Letter P rotection sphere is concerned with the protection of the Priest or others. Protection does not necessarily imply a physical covering over the target--it may include movement into a protected shelter, or warning someone of hazard, thereby protecting that person. This sphere offers limited power and is often a choice for people who are PK-oriented or who enjoy exploring. Protection's opposite sphere is Summoning. Followers of Jodan, Rauthgar and Torickii have access to the following spells in this sphere:

Name: Sanctuary
Step: 11
Cost: 200 sp and 1000 gold
Does: Moves the caster to a room where they may sit and rest without fear of being attacked.

Name: Resist Cold
Step: 17
Cost: 120 sp
Does: Envelopes the caster within a pocket of warm air, making him or her less vulnerable to ice and cold attacks.

Name: Retribution
Step: 17
Cost: 110 sp
Does: Summons a protector who adds defense to the recipient of the spell. The protected may avenge damage done to them which causes their attacker to take damage. This spell cannot be cast on self.

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Inscribed -- March 6, 2000