Mortic Sphere

Woodblock Letter M ortic sphere is concerned with powers relating to death, disease, and how to profit from such loathsome domains. In choosing Mortic, the Priest will be able to perform specialized healing and rituals which aid both caster and recipient. Priests who select Mortic will find that it offers a variety of weird and wonderful abilities suited to both partying and soloing. Mortic's opposite sphere is Nature. Followers of Kalas have access to the following spells in this sphere:

Name: Resurrect
Step: 12
Cost: 50 mana
Does: Resurrect heals the target which has just suffered a death. It will not restore experience, gold and equipment lost.

Name: Plague
Step: 12
Cost: 40 sp
Does: Causes your opponent to be consumed by a festering disease. This disease is merely cosmetic and does not hurt the target.

Name: Feign death
Step: 13
Cost: 40 sp
Does: Morphs yourself into a corpse giving everyone the appearance that you are dead.

Name: Cure Blindness
Step: 14
Cost: 100 mana
Does: Pray to your deity to cure blindness. However, some forms of blindness may be incurable.

Name: Vampiric Touch
Step: 16
Cost: 30 mana & 40 sp
Does: Vampiric Touch absorbs the life-force from the attacked creature and uses that energy to heal yourself.

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Inscribed -- March 6, 2000