Nature Sphere

Woodblock Letter T he Nature sphere allows a Priest to harness the power of Mother Earth to aid him in battle. Nature is primarily concerned with the preservation and protection of the caster through natural means. Priests who select the Nature Sphere find it useful for helping others, especially newbies, as well as having a number of powers suited for the individual. Its opposite sphere is Mortic. Followers of Lleyanna, Rauthgar, and Morike have access to the following spells in this sphere:

Name: Goodberry
Step: 12
Cost: 75 mana initial + 5 mana per berry
Does: Creates an enchanted berry that can be eaten to regenerate players. These are mainly given to the newbies and put in the Priest Storage Room (south of World portal). These are an excellent healing source for newbies too.

Name: Animal Growth
Step: 14
Cost: 75 sp
Does: Enlarges a non-player to increase their power. This is cast upon the familiars and servants of other guilds.

Name: Tree
Step: 14
Cost: 50 sp
Does: Turns the caster into a tree. This spell affects appearance only. This enables Priests to maintain a slight anonymity when moving through a room.

Name: Taproot
Step: 15
Cost: 50 sp
Does: Sends a taproot into the ground, holding you where you stand. This can only be cast when in tree form. It is good against fright powers, however you cannot wimpy until the roots wear off or you unmorph from tree form.

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Inscribed -- March 4, 2000