Woodblock Letter O ne day, while Galan and Rauthgar were out playing in the sphere of origin, Galan throwing moons while Rauthgar would go and get them and bring them back, Galan threw one moon exceptionally far, much farther than Galan had ever been. Rauthgar ran off after it. Galan called to Rauthgar, but the beast wouldn't stop. Galan chased after Rauthgar, worried that it might get hurt.

Woodblock Letter W hen Galan came across Rauthgar, Galan saw something he had never seen before. An old, hunchbacked man stood looking at the ground, his hand resting on a giant brown shape that lay motionless. Galan walked up to see what the man was looking at. It was Rauthgar. The old man cried out when he saw Galan, and ran away.

Woodblock Letter G alan forgot about the old man as Galan looked at Rauthgar. Rauthgar didn't move. It didn't respond to its name like it usually did. It didn't seem to be breathing either. Galan did not understand. This was the first time Galan had looked on Death, and Galan was confused. Galan was still trying to revive Rauthgar when Galan heard a voice behind him.

'Be still, Galan. Rauthgar shall live to play again.'

Woodblock Letter G alan turned around and saw a lady standing behind him. Galan stood up, amazed. Two new creatures in one day, and Rauthgar not moving! This was very odd indeed.

Woodblock Letter The lady reached out her hand, and touched Rauthgar. A blue light flowed all over Rauthgar's body. Its chest rose as it began to breath again. The colour returned to its body. Rauthgar lived again.

When Galan turned to thank the lady for waking Rauthgar, she was gone.

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