Woodblock Letter A nother day, Galan and Rauthgar were tramping around one of the forests (they had long ago created plant life, for a dull rock is only interesting for so long) when they came across many creatures, all shouting and yelling and throwing things at one another and hitting each other. This was something new to Galan, and Galan did not understand. Rauthgar, thinking they were playing, jumped right into the fray. One of the creature's round metal objects slammed into Rauthgar, hurling it to the ground and cutting it in the process. A thick, red fluid flowed from its shoulder. Rauthgar began whimpering. Galan rushed over to Rauthgar to see what happened. From there, Galan could see that one group of the creatures was headed by a creature in a black outfit, holding a black weapon of some sort. The other group was led by someone very similar, though outfitted in all white. This was getting odder by the second. Woodblock Letter G alan looked at Rauthgar, who was now covered in the red liquid. Galan recognized the look that was entering in Rauthgar's eyes. It was the look of Death Galan had seen before, and didn't like. Galan hoped that the lady would return to help Rauthgar, but at the same time a great rage was building up in Galan. Galan stood up, and bellowed as loud as possible. The entire battle stopped. The figure in black took one look at Galan and ran away, dropping the round metal object that he had hit Rauthgar with. The other creatures in his group followed him. The figure in white came over and said:

'Hail, Galan. Well met. I am in your service for repulsing that group.'

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