Woodblock Letter G alan smiled in relief. Galan sat down, and, trying something new, shaped the creatures like the creatures Galan was talking to. Galan blew on mud, and built more creatures, and blew on more mud, and made creatures until all the mud where he was used up. Galan then placed the creatures on the world below them, and the creatures, naked, began to clothe themselves against the weather. The eleven creatures, twelve including Rauthgar, looked down on the Earth in delight.

Woodblock Letter T he creatures thanked Galan, even those clad in black, and began to leave in their separate directions. Galan smiled, and got up to leave. Galan signaled to Rauthgar to follow Galan, but Rauthgar looked back, then at the figures clothed in red, then back at Galan again.

Galan understood that it was time for Rauthgar to leave, that Rauthgar had things to do that Galan could not understand. Rauthgar ran up to Galan one last time, and licked Galan's face. Galan had water running down Galan's face, something that had never happened before. Galan stood and watched all the creatures disappear on the horizon, Rauthgar being the last one.

Woodblock Letter G alan walked back to the hut, sad and alone. Galan closed the door to the hut, and has never since opened the door. The twelve gods ruled the planet, sometimes foolishly, sometimes wisely, always watching their opponent, and neutrality always trying to maintain balance.

Thus the world was created, thus it is, and thus it shall forever be.

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