Woodblock Letter A nother day, when Galan and Rauthgar were out playing as usual, they came across all the people Galan had met, standing together. To the left of Galan was the old hunchbacked man; the figure in black who was at the battle; a dark, shadowy shape that seemed to absorb all light; and a new creature--a tall, muscular woman who was attired in nothing but a long flowing black robe. She smiled oddly at Galan. Galan felt uncomfortable.

Woodblock Letter O n Galan's right was the lady who had made Rauthgar breathe again; the figure in white who looked so sadly at the man on the field covered in red liquid; the lady who holds the Sun; and another lady, similar to the other new lady--tall, muscular, but wearing a long white robe. When she smiled at Galan, Galan felt happy.

Woodblock Letter I n front of Galan was the lady who fired the odd contraption at Rauthgar; the man with the coin; and a new man--a tall, strong, handsome man wearing a long red robe. Rauthgar bounded over to this man, and the man petted Rauthgar. All the creatures, including Rauthgar, turned to face Galan. The man in red spoke.

'Galan, Creator of Everything, First Being, and Lord of All. We owe out existence to you, and are forever in your debt.' The lady in black snorted. The man ignored her and continued. 'However, we have gathered together--good versus evil, and always under the watchful eye of neutrality--to ask you to create some mortal beings, who, affected by love, hatred, happiness, sadness, life, and death, will walk the world below us. We shall call it the Earth, and we will watch over it.'

Woodblock Letter G alan looked at the man questioningly. Galan didn't like Rauthgar being away from him for so long.

The man said: 'Galan, can you make some more mud-beings?'

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