Woodblock Letter W hen the world began, it was a giant ball of rock, twirling endlessly in the giant sphere of origin. High above the world was Galan, the only being in creation. Galan was much more than a mortal, something our minds could not fathom. All we know is that Galan was there. We do not know if Galan is male, or female, or neuter. Galan is Galan.

Woodblock Letter G alan did not know from where Galan came, or why Galan was there. All Galan knew was that Galan existed. Galan spent much time wandering the sphere of origin, looking at all the objects in creation. Galan soon came to realize that Galan was the only living thing in the entire sphere. Galan longed for someone to tell this to, but Galan knew of no one else.

Galan searched for much time, trying to find something else like Galan. Galan talked to the Moon, but it made no reply. Galan poked the Sun, and Galan burned Galan's finger. Galan felt that all was lost.

Woodblock Letter G alan then had an idea. Grabbing mud from the floor of the hut Galan was living in, Galan shaped the mud into an odd shape, for this was the first time he had tried anything like this. Galan then blew on the mud gently. Slowly the mud began to move, and to harden. The mud began to take a more distinct form. Galan blew a little harder. The shape was hunched over, and, unlike Galan, walked on all fours. A sound came from the mud, which was no longer mud. Galan blew as hard as he could, and the mud suddenly became a hideous beast! It jumped up on Galan, who fell back in shock. The mud-creature only licked Galan's face, and Galan was happy. Galan named the mud-being Rauthgar, and Galan and Rauthgar became friends.

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