Partic Sphere

Woodblock Letter P artic Sphere grants the Priest control over the elements. This assortment of powers can be devastating if used effectively--especially the area attack spells. Partic is a sphere for people who prefer to solo and fight in areas with plenty of monsters in close proximity. Partic's opposite sphere is Charm. Followers of Kyron and Solaris have access to the following spells in this sphere:

Name: Earthquake
Step: 11
Cost: 50 sp
Does: Arouses the earth into a frenzied state; the tremors causing reasonable damage on a wide scale.

Name: Flame Blade
Step: 12
Cost: 100 sp
Does: Summons a blade of flame to appear in your hands wieldable only by you.

Name: Firestorm
Step: 13
Cost: 100 sp
Does: Induces a storm of fire to roll through the room, incinerating everything in sight with high damage.

Name: Windwalk
Step: 15
Cost: 80 sp
Does: Will change the caster into a shifting mist, which allows the ability to fly.

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Inscribed -- March 6, 2000