Charm Sphere

Woodblock Letter T he sphere of Charm endows the Priest with the potent ability to radically alter the characteristics of himself, another person, or even the surrounding environment. Priests who concentrate on the province of Charm are bestowed with a multitude of spells, the majority having a beneficial quality. Charm is more suited to a Priest who enjoys helping others and partying. Charm's opposite sphere is Partic. Followers of Maz, Nocturnis, and Torickii have access to the following spells in this sphere:

Name: Bless
Step: 10
Cost: 100 sp
Does: A divine blessing which grants a temporary augmentation to the stats of the target of the spell.

Name: Enthrall
Step: 11
Cost: 50 sp
Does: Calls upon all combat in the room of the caster to cease.

Name: Hallucinatory Forest
Step: 12
Cost: 100 sp
Does: Causes the room you are in to transform into a forest.

Name: Remove Paralysis
Step: 13
Cost: 60 sp
Does: Will free the target of the spell from being stunned.

Name: Curse
Step: 14
Cost: 150 sp
Does: Makes the accursed weaker if they are of opposite alignment.

Name: Beneficence
Step: 15
Cost: 80 sp
Does: Bequeaths the target of the spell with divine charisma for a brief duration.

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Inscribed -- March 4, 2000