Selene is the Goddess of Goodness and Purity.

Alignment: Rigid Light
Spheres: Healing and Divination
HP Influence: Somewhat strong
SP Influence: Somewhat weak
Restrictions: No edged weapons


Selene provides her followers with major access to the following spells:

Spell Name                  Command       Glev Cat  Sphere
Invigorate                  invigorate     15   H   Healing
Wall of Thorns              wthorn         15   M   Summoning
Radiance                    radiance       16   H   Healing
Blade Barrier               blade          17   M   Summoning
Lifeforce                   lifeforce      17   H   Healing
Summon Help                 psummon        18   C   Summoning
Planeshift                  planeshift     19   M   Summoning
Soulforce                   soulforce      19   H   Healing
Rejuvenate                  rejuvenate     22   H   Healing


Crazyboy, Tobin, Tigereyes, Tal, Clover, Eclipse, Adelia, Aa, Jazrael, Fyre, Reality.

Woodblock letter As your goddess, I felt that it was important for me to share a bit of my past with you. So here is a glimpse into who I am and where I come from. My birth is not known to me--I was raised by adoptive parents. They said they found me in the forest, where I was left by my birth mother.

Woodblock letter I don't know why she left me there, but my adoptive parents always said it was a gift from the gods to them since they could not have children of their own. Ever since I can remember, they told me I was special. They saidI had gifts and abilities that they could not understand, but they wanted to help me develop them. From my youth, I have loved animals. My parents told me that I would go out into the forest to pick berries and would always return with a wounded animal or two. I would bring it in and take care of it till it was fully healed and ready to return to the lush forest.

Woodblock letter They told me that no animal ever died when I took care of it. They said this was one of my very special gifts: the ability to heal. As I grew older, people in my village started to come to the house to ask me to touch them. They said that when I touched them, they were suddenly fully healed. After a time I was also begged to attend the birth of new babies, to make sure they would grow up to be good and honorable. I don't know why I was given these gifts, but I cherished them. When Galan appeared and asked me to join the great war, I vowed to destroy all evil and to help those who needed me and my gift of healing.

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Inscribed -- March 5, 2000

Followers Inscribed by: Teg -- June 12, 2002