Lleyanna is the the Goddess of Nature and is known throughout history as the Legendary Huntress.

Alignment: Neutral
Spheres: Nature and Weather
HP Influence: Somewhat weak
SP Influence: Somewhat strong
Restrictions: Only leather armour

Known forms: Human Female, all forms of Wildcats including Lionesses, Tigers and Panthers.
Eye colour: Green. Hair colour: Golden. Hair type: Long/Locks of curls.
Height: 5'10. Weight: 140 pds.
Usual attire: Leather Breastplate, Leather Leggings, Leather Longboots, Leather Gloves.

It is said Lleyanna was born on a distant dimension, birthed by a race of Immortal humanoids known as Deveetria. One of the first races given intelligent life, this species ruled over not only their own plane of existance but several others as well. Little is known by the spiritual scholars of exactly what happend to the Deveetria. However it is taught in Lleyannas' teachings that her life-quest is to prevent mortals from repeating the mistakes that ultimately led to her peoples destruction.

It is well known that Lleyanna often travels the countryside in her human-guise, aiding the wounded while protecting and avenging the innocent. Not only is she the Goddess of Nature and the Huntress, but is also considered the Goddess of Neutral Warriors, Rangers, and a few sects of Druids.

Lleyanna provides her followers with major access to the following spells:
Spell Name                  Command       Glev Cat  Sphere
Lightning Strike            lstrike        11   C   Weather
Goodberry                   goodberry      12   H   Nature
Animal Growth               growth         14   M   Nature
Control Winds               cwinds         14   M   Weather
Tree                        tree           14   M   Nature
Sunray                      sunray         15   C   Weather
Taproot                     taproot        15   M   Nature


Nevyn, Random, and Taigan.

Woodblock letter I grew up on a small farm with my parents and brothers and sisters. Since I was neither the eldest nor the youngest daughter, I was often overlooked and could frequently wander off. When I was very young, I never strayed too far from the house, and knew every plant and animal that shared the farm with my family. As I grew older I ventured further and further away from my parents' home, exploring the nearby fields and woods. In my ventures, I learned all about the species of plants and animals that grew and thrived in my area of the world. The animals became my close friends, and I spent many afternoons and days learning how they lived and survived in their wilderness home.

Woodblock letter The more time I spent with my animal friends, the more comfortable I was surrounded by nature, and the less happy I was cooped up on my parents' farm. When I was a teenager, I felt that I knew enough about the animals of the world and the events of nature to leave my family and live full-time in the wilderness with my friends. Living among the animals, I realized how much more I had to learn in order to survive the changing seasons and thrive in the world. The creatures of the woods were extremely kind and patient with me, giving me shelter, protecting me, and treating me as one of their own.

Woodblock letter As I grew into an adult, I developed the skills to thrive on my own. I was observing and learning constantly. I learned how to respect nature more every day. Through my respect, nature taught me how to develop and use its great power for my own survival. The animals were still my family and dearest friends; though I needed to rely on their protection less and less. I learned how to harvest the plants and animals for my nourishment and needs. Although I did hunt as the great predators did, I never killed more then I needed for food or clothing. Nature allowed me the power over many of my fellow creatures, yet I knew the power I had was not to be abused by greed. knew the power I had was not to be abused by greed.

Woodblock letter As I grew stronger in nature, I never forgot my parents or the society I came from, and eventually I felt the need for more human contact. I briefly returned to my parents farm, but felt too enclosed so I kissed my parents once again and left to explore other towns and villages in the world. Dressed in my leather from my stay with the animals, and armed only with my skills I traveled many roads and met many people, both good and evil. I was searching for a missing element in my life. It wasn't enough to live with people nor animals. In one of the first villages I visited I stopped at a temple devoted to Galan. The priests in the temple allowed me to stay with them, sharing their food and devotion. During my stay, I learned what I has been missing. I then thanked the priests for their hospitality and left the temple to share my skills and knowledge with others.

Woodblock letter Before long, I was back on the road, though this time I was never alone for Galan and his priests were always in my thoughts. On the roads or paths, I would occasionally meet parties who thought they could intimidate or other travelers; they stood no chance against random storms of nature from bolts if lightning and earthquakes to gale winds that blew them back where they came from. Other times I would meet people curious about my connections to the elements and nature; these people I would entertain and teach as long as they would listen. I taught them the respect I had learned with the Many of these people left my side with the survival of the animals, and the skills to help themselves by working with nature rather than against it.

My travels have taken me many places and have challenged my faith in nature, yet I have never been let down, or have lost my hunt.

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Inscribed -- March 4, 2000

Followers Inscribed by: Ibix -- June 22, 1999