Divination Sphere

Woodblock Letter T he sphere of Divination allows the Priest to safely explore the realms by gaining enhanced knowledge of the environment and nearby creatures. Divination is a sphere more suited to a Priest who enjoys exploring often on his own and who enjoys helping others through courtesy and knowledge of areas, monsters and information. Divination's opposite sphere is Weather. Followers of Selene have access to the following spells in this sphere:

Name: Battlelore
Step: 10
Cost: 25 sp
Does: Informs the Priest who was attempting to kill a scratched or wounded creature.

Name: Detect Poison
Step: 10
Cost: 75 sp
Does: Allows the Priest to proclaim whether the target (person or weapon) has a poison of will be able to poison a creature.

Name: Divine
Step: 11
Cost: 25 sp
Does: Explores the surrounding rooms from an adjacent room without risking life and limb due to huge monsters, or wrong turns, provided the rooms aren't blocked by magic or darkness.

Name: Locate
Step: 14
Cost: 125 sp
Does: Scans the players (the caster's level and lower) to discover who (if anyone) is carrying a specific item. Doesn't peek in sacks, shops, or boxes.

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Inscribed -- March 4, 2000