Topic: Chatlines

  SYNTAX:  chatlines

The 'chatlines' command will allow you to see a list of all
of the chatlines to which you have access.  It will list the
name of the chatline, the ansi variable that may be set using
mud ansi, the number of people currently using that chatline, the
default # of history lines accessed, and the command required
to use that chatline.

Example: chatlines

You are listening to the following chat lines:

Line Name       Ansi Variable        # ppl Hist/ Max  Line Command
--------------- -------------------- ----- ---------  ------------
House           house                 102     2/  20  house chat  

Newbie          newbie                 41    10/  10  newb

PK              pkchat                  5    20/  20  pkchat  

Shout           shout                 221    20/  20  shout

Starcraft       starcraft              52     1/  20  scc

Each chatline can be accessed with the command word shown in the
list when you type 'chatlines'.  Each of these, in turn, allows
some options.  For example, if you had the 'newbie' chatline
available with 'newb' as a command word, you could do the

newb [message]          Send a message on this chatline
newb -?                 Show all of the chatline's options
newb -h                 Show this line's default history
newb -h [#]             Show [#] lines of line's history
newb -w                 List the people on this line
newb -b                 Toggle on/off line blocking
newb -ab                Toggle on/off announcement blocking
newb -cc                Loop through line options (client only)

See also: ansivars, aset, setcolor

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