Topic: HM Powers

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Champion     805    emoteto         Send a customized emote from afar
                    hm              High Mortal chat line
                    hmblock         Blocks chat line
                    hmcheck         Check HM resetting powers
                    hmheal(self)    Heal Yourself
                    hmhist          History of chat line
                    hmmuff          Earmuff high level shouts
                    hmsever         Unconditional Quit
                    hmwho           People listening to HM line
                    qwho            Condensed who list          
                    review          Review enter/exit messages
                    portal          Choose a fantasy portal
                    setmin          Set entrance messages
                    setmmin         Set teleport entrance message
                    setmmout        Set teleport exit message
                    setmout         Set room exit message
                    setmsg          Set entrance/exit messages
                    summon          Summon a player
                    title           Change your title
                    unfrog          Remove a Frog or Goat curse
                    whoinvis        Make yourself 'who'-invisible
                    whovis          Make yourself 'who'-visible
Crusader     905    hmheal(others)  Heal Others
Hero         955  
Legend      1005
Titan       1105    hmcharm         Stop Combat
Seeker      1205    hmbolt          Bolt in one direction
Inquisitor  1305    hmheal(afar)    Heal from afar
Questor     1455    hmflee          Flee to Pinnacle
Sleuth      1605 
Luminary    1755 
Seer        1905 
Archon      2055 
Sage        2205 
Prophet     2355    hmsummon        Summon forth a destroyer/protector
Oracle      2505    hmsever2        Unconditional Quit With Item Save
See Also: levels, quest, highmortal

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