Topic: Idea

               idea [descriptive text]
               idea [item]: [descriptive text]

Used to suggest an idea for a room, or an item located within 
your inventory.  An item may be any weapon, armour, or object 
you can carry.  The command will log the descriptive text you 
supply to the appropriate wizard.  Please ensure you provide  
enough information so that the wizard can determine the full  
concept of your idea.

  If you are suggesting an idea regarding an item, a colon    
  must be placed after the item in question.                  


  When suggesting an idea for a room:                         
    idea Would be cool if I could write my name in the dust.   

  When suggesting an idea involving an item in your inventory:
    idea sword 2: Could you add ansi to the damage emotes?     

See also: bugfree, reporting, typo

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