Topic: Typo 

SYNTAX: typo [descriptive text]
        typo [item]: [descriptive text]

Used to report a typo in a room, or on an item located within 
your inventory.  An item may be any weapon, armour, or object 
you can carry.  The command will log the descriptive text you 
supply to the appropriate wizard.  Please ensure you provide  
enough information so that the wizard can figure out what the 
typo is.

  If you are reporting a typo regarding an item, a colon must 
  be placed after the item you are reporting.                 
  When reporting a typo located within a room,                
      typo The chandelier in line one is mispelled.           

  When reporting a typo involving an item in your inventory,  
      typo sword 2: In the desc, firey should say fiery.     

See also: bugfree, bug, idea, newsoul, qbug, qidea, repoting

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