Topic: Newb Line

SYNTAX:  newb command|message

This line is for new players, regardless of level, to ask questions in
an open format and get help and information from higher level players. 
Information given over this line should be useful, sincere and comply
with all MUD rules (no qinfo, harassment, etc.)

Like all other public lines, swearing is not allowed on this line.

If you are a high level player desiring to be a member of the newbie
helper community, please ask a Lord+ to set you up.

NOTE: This is NOT a gossip line, its ONLY purpose is for helping newbies!
If you're not talking TO a newbie about NEWBIE stuff, you shouldn't be talking.

The following is a list of supplementary commands and toggles for the 
newbie line:

~~~~~~~~         ~~~~~~

newb -w              Lists the players listening to the Newbie line.
newb -h              Lists the last 10 messages on the Newbie line.
newb -b              Toggle blocking of the Newbie line.

See also: faq, help, chatlines

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