Topic: Purge

The player purge is based on the following guidelines:

Level           Grace
1               Purged upon log out
2-5		2 weeks
6-15		1 month (31 days)
16-30		3 months (90 days)
>30   		6 months (180 days)
Wizard		Randomly, as Admin get pissed.

If you have not logged in within the amount of time indicated for your
level, your player file will be purged.  We do take into account the
fact that people do often have need to leave for extended periods of
time (eg: summer vacation).  We don't want to erase anyone that is going
to play. We just want to conserve valuable disk space for those who are going
to be using it.

NOTE: Lack of a valid email address is also cause for deletion of your
      player file.  See 'help email' for information on how to set one,
      or mail any Lord if this presents a problem to you.

IMPORTANT: Those that wish to NOT be purged over the holidays, send
           mudmail to the Admin with subject NO PURGE.


See also: rules, register, email, showaddr, wipeme

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