Topic: Register
It may occasionally occur that we (the wizards) find it necessary to
require users from a certain site to register with us before we can
permit them to play the game.

The reasons for this can be many and varied - usually it is because
of a serious misdemeanor by another player at that site (remember -
your actions do not always just affect yourself.)

It is ABSOLUTELY necessary to inform us if you are going to be playing
from a friend or relative's e-mail address as your registered account

Registration is achieved in the following manner: 

Send email to register@3k.org, providing:

   a) Your character name. If you have not played before, and so do
      not already have a character name, please supply us with 3 
      names, from which one will (if possible) be assigned to you.
      We need a selection of names in case one or more of your
      choices proves to be already taken.
   b) Your RL name.
   c) Your email address (yes, seems like a stupid requirement given
      the circumstances, but plenty of people send the email from a 
      friends account).
   d) The site from which you tried to log on. This is both very 
      important and usually forgotten - if we don't know where the 
      problem is encountered, there is no way we can deal with it.
   e) If you are aware of the circumstances concerning the 
      registration requirement, detail to us exactly why we should 
      register you. If you are not aware, state that you are not.

When we have received this information, we shall process your request.
This should not take more than a week (it has in the past - this is 
being rectified).

If you have not heard within a week, and you manage to get access to 3k
(from another site perhaps), send mail to DUKES, who are in charge of
the registration process, and they will get back to you as soon as 

Sharing a connection

If you will be playing from any connection that will be or is used by any
other characters on 3K, you must mail LORDS. You need to provide the 
following information:
	a) Your Character Name,
	b) Your Real Name,
	c) Location you will be sharing with other players,
	d) How many other players you will be sharing the connection with,
             thier character names, and the real name of each character
             (If Known),
	e) How long you will be playing from this location. (For example:
             "I will be visiting Player X for spring break.")

Voluntarily providing this information will reduce the need for 
suspected Multi-Character investigations. This information will
only be accessed by Titled Wizards.

See also: rules, email, purge

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