Topic: The Rules

The following is a list of what is Illegal on 3 Kingdoms. You may 
NOT do any of the following:
    * Abuse/use of any bug for the purpose of promoting your character
      (or anyone else's) or failing to report a known bug to the wizards.
      (Pretty much any abuse of a bug will get you wiped, often times
      reporting a large bug can get you free stuff)

      Please note: Even passively abusing a bug is considered abuse.  For
      example, if you were to find that a bug exists that allows a sword
      to attack a hundred times per round, and then reported that bug to
      a wizard, that does not give you free reign to continue to use the
      item.  Such an action would be considered abuse.

      Also: Using a specifically designed non-game function to give
      you an unfair advantage within the game itself is considered to be
      abuse of a bug.  An example of this would be actively severing your
      connection to the game as some kind of "fail safe" to avoid dying
      in combat.  Such actions are considered to be clearly beyond the
      scope of fair play and will not be tolerated.

    * Giving out QUEST INFO or QUEST ITEMS to other players and/or 
      aiding them in completing the quest. This is hard to enforce 
      but there are always ways to tell if it is legitimate or not.

      - Quests list whether you may party with other people on that 
        quest or not. If you may party, party ONLY with people who 
        have not done the quest. Anything else is illegal.
      (See also: help quest)
    * Abusive behavior such as degrading the players, the mud, 
      or the general community. This includes acts of violence towards 
      players or wizards, threatening or verbal assaults. To sum up, 
      don't do what you don't want done to you. This includes 
      'shout'ing profanity as well.

       - This also includes sexual harassment. In cases of sexual 
         harassment, meaning you don't stop what you're doing when 
         requested to do so, we take no pity in you, no matter what 
         your status is, you will be REMOVED!
       - Shouting lewd or offensive URL's (in our anal, conservative opinion)
         will result in an instant death, jail time, or lots of both.

    * Having illegal multiple characters.  Punishment will be the removal of 
      one or ALL characters.  There is no recourse for failing to comply to 
      this rule.  The decision is FINAL!  


      Please note: This also refers to people attempting 
      to share a single character.
      (See also: help seconds)
    * Using robot programs.  These are script files that usually run off
      of a client and perform repetitive actions which do not require the
      player to be present.  Use of such programs is contrary to the
      spirit of the game and is forbidden.  Abuse of robots is grounds for
      the removal of the player character.

       - The general rule is that if you do not have to type in
         anything to switch from attacking one monster to attacking
         a different one, then you are botting. Script files or
         macro's which input a bunch of directions which allow you
         to zip across Science, Pinnacle, or where-ever, are allowed.
         Triggers that will auto-relogon for you, allow you to keep
         killing the same monster over and over, KEEP YOU UNIDLE
         while you are away from the keyboard, or anything remotely
         similar are illegal. The best way to deal with bots is that
         if you don't have to touch the keyboard to do something,
         then it's probably a bot.
    * Corpse looting.  (Stealing the items/corpse after another player
      has killed it.)  Although this, in and of itself, is not illegal,
      repeatedly stealing the corpse from a person or guild *IS* considered
      harassment and will be dealt with severely as stated above.
      It's pretty much a good policy to not do things to others that you
      don't like happening to you.

    * You must have a valid email address.  If not then your
      character can be wiped at any time. No notice given.
     (See also: help email)     

       * Giving access to anyone but yourself to your wizard character
       * Sabotaging/Erasing other wizard/system files
       * Copying other wizards work without prior consent
       * ANY form of increasing a players' character. A bag full of money, high
         class weapon, HEALING (and this is a big one), patching players'
         objects/symbols, quests,etc.
       * Improper conduct towards players (extremely large topic)
       * Misuse of wizard powers
       * Disobeying your senior wizards (variable)
    Possible Resolutions:
    Your character may be:
       + banished
       + demoted
       + imprisoned
       + warned
       + (See also: help punishment)

    Most of the cases listed here (and it is not a complete list),
    result in an immediate demotion. You will be notified by mail
    of the action you are guilty of and the punishment may have been
    already executed or in the process of. You are entitled to a
    response as to why you feel you have been judged unfairly. And 
    in most extreme cases (very few), you won't have a chance at all.
    Remember that this mud is here for your enjoyment. It is your
    responsibility to help make it enjoyable for others as well.
    If you break any of the above rules you lessen the enjoyment
    for everyone involved. You do not want to have to deal with
    a wizard who has lost the enjoyment of their time here because
    of you.

See also: punishment, seconds, register, email, quest

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