Topic: Wimpy

   Syntax:  wimpy [number]

The number in the above syntax corresponds to the percentage of
your maximum hit points that, once your hit points drop below
in the course of battle, will cause you to automatically flee.

For example: Assume your maximum # of hit points is 100.
             If you type 'wimpy 20' then your wimpy will
             be set to 20% of 100 hit points.
             In this example, you will then run away at
             20 hit points (or less).
Default for a new player is brave mode (0%).

Wimpy is no secure thing.  It might save you, if you have a slow
connection or slow fingers, but remember, some monsters can hack
a lot of hit points from you in one blow and some monsters can
run as fast as you can.

See also: kill, anarchy, invasion, bloodmatch, wimpy

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