Topic: Invasion

 An invasion is when monsters decide they had enough and come after you.
 They will band together, bring their friends and seek you out in Pinnacle.
 The monsters are very angry so they will attack anyone that gets in their
 way. Its your job to protect the town by fighting off the monsters. There
 will be no place to hide, therefore you must kill all the angry monsters
 to end the invasion.

 You lose xp, gold, and stats for dying to a monster either in town or
 out of town, and all XP you gain and anything else you do WILL SAVE. So
 do not quit your guild, or give all your money away, etc.

 At the end of an INVASION, results will be tallied and the person with
 the most kills (and highest level of kills) will be celebrated
 (and possibly rewarded).

Note: Invasions are a very random occurrence, don't beg for it, or
       annoy wizards to start one.  When it happens, it happens.

See also: anarchy, bloodmatch, pk, kill, arena, clanworld

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