The Changeling Guild

The dynamic forces of Chaos, along with the adaptive unpredictability of life itself, have combined to create a little-known race of beings in the Three Kingdoms, the Changelings. The center of their power can be found near the Chaos vortex in Pinnacle, for Changelings derive their power from Chaos itself.

Changelings may not be the most powerful in combat, possessing neither the ferocity to kill instantaneously nor the endurance to withstand attacks from huge monsters for hours on end. Changelings are not for those that love equipment, because there is very little that they can use. Nevertheless, Changelings are effective in combat, can choose between over a hundred life forms to imitate, and have the ability to switch between "forms" at any place and time. A Changeling can be a bastion of defense when fighting alongside an offensive comrade such as an Elemental, and a fierce attacker fighting alongside a defensive comrade such as a Juggernaut a few minutes later.

The actual process of joining the Changeling guild is very straightforward. Unlike other guilds that are difficult to find in far-flung Fantasy or Science, the Changeling guild is in Pinnacle. No guild quest is required to join Changelings, and no recruiter is necessary. Any Adventurer of the proper level, once at the guild hall, can join Changelings with a cursory examination of the entrance to the guild.

Starting Out as a Changeling

Changelings in Battle

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