Weather Sphere

Woodblock Letter T he Weather sphere grants Priests the ability to call upon radical changes in atmospheric conditions to aid them in and out of battle. Priests who specialize in this sphere can inflict damage on their opponents and incite movement of objects. Priests who select Weather are interested in supporting their defensive or healing spells with decent attacks. Weather sphere is more suited to soloing, and its opposite sphere is Divination. Followers of Lleyanna, Nocturnis, and Solaris have access to the following spells in this sphere:

Name: Lightning Strike
Setp: 11
Cost: 60 sp
Does: The caster calls down a bolt of lightning to strike an opponent.

Name: Twister
Setp: 13
Cost: 80 sp
Does: Through the mastery of the Sphere of Weather, you may call upon the wind to smite an opponent.

Name: Control Winds
Step: 14
Cost: 30 sp
Does: The caster calls upon the wind to blow items from the room into another room.

Name: Sunray
Step: 15
Cost: 80 sp
Does: Calls upon intense rays of sunlight to strike your victim, especially inflicting damage on undead creatures and possibly blinding.

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Inscribed -- March 6, 2000