Woodblock Letter T hat night, while I was deep in prayer, the ground began to tremble. I opened my eyes and looked about, scared. I thought that the Dark Mages had caught me, unaware and unprepared, and that my time on this plane had come to an end. Instead, I felt a peace come over me that I had never felt before. A mellifluous voice filled my head, telling me to be calm, that it was not the Dark Mages, but a power much greater than any Mage. A lone figure rose from the ground, cloaked in red garb. He walked towards me, pulling back his hood, and laid his hand on my shoulder. I looked up at him, and saw Jodan, my god, standing before me. I began to weep, for I thought my time had come once again, but Jodan calmed me again, and told me not to worry. He pointed behind him, and there stood three other figures, Lleyanna the Huntress, Rauthgar the Beast, and Maz the god of Fate. He motioned to his left, and there I saw Ziose the god of Evil, Nocturnis the goddess of the Night, Kalas the god of Death, and Kyron the god of Combat. He then motioned to his right, and there stood Selene the goddess of Good, Solaris the goddess of Day, Morike the goddess of Healing, and Torickii the god of Peace. Woodblock Letter I staggered at the sight of all this Holy Power in front of me, and fell to the ground, beseeching that I be worthy enough to stand on the same ground on which these beings walked. Jodan smiled again, and it seemed that the others smiled too, and asked me to stand before him. I rose to my feet, shaking, and Jodan receded to stand in line with the other Neutral Gods. As he walked away from me, I could hear him speak to me, explaining how the priests of the time had become greedy, and had lost their Faith, their vision, and had forgotten why they had become speakers of the Gods. He showed me corruption as I never imagined, perpetrated by the same people whom I had respected as peers. I felt sick to my stomach as I watched these things that Jodan showed to me, and almost vomited. Jodan once again calmed me, and raised his hood over his head.

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