Woodblock Letter Z iose then stepped forward, drawing back her hood, addressing me. Though having beauty that any man would die to possess, I quivered in fear, for here was a god of Evil, one who would easily stab me in the back, steal my money intended for the Guild and keep it for himself, one who would destroy me without an second thought. He smiled, and assured me that those things that I had heard about Evil Gods were untrue, that most of the terrible rumours I had heard were started by followers of the other Paths, to undermine their power, destroy their following. I looked questioningly at Jodan, and he nodded his assent. I relaxed slightly, still aware of who I was standing before. Woodblock Letter Z iose explained to me how the people had turned their backs on the Gods, and began to worship false gods, such as power, money, and glory. He explained how the Gods had decided as a group to stop answering the false prayers of their followers, in the hope that they might finally realize their misdoings, and begin to follow the true way of the Gods. He then stepped back into the line, raising his hood to cover his face.

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