Woodblock Letter T hen Selene the goddess of Good stepped forward, pulling back her white hood to reveal her face. I was revulsed by the sight, not by her charm, or her beauty, which far surpassed any mortal beauty I had seen, but from the things I had heard. That the ones who followed the Good Path were intent on punishing all those that did not follow their ways, would take away my freedom as to be trapped in their relentless grip, but Selene also assured me that these things were false, as I had come to expect. Jodan once again nodded his assent, and I felt ashamed, ashamed at what I had thought, that I had believed such terrible things about the followers of the other Paths. Woodblock Letter S elene assured me not to worry, that perhaps there were some followers like that, so corrupt they had become, but that the true followers, and few they were, portrayed the qualities for which they stood. She then explained to me how they as a group had chosen me, one who could see all three Paths, one who worked for the advancement of the Guild, and of wisdom, and of knowledge of the Gods, to lead the group that they had chosen to battle the Dark Mages. She told me that it would be a difficult battle, and that we would most likely lose, but that we must try. She then stepped back, raising her hood to cover her face.

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