Woodblock Letter J odan then stepped forward again, lowering his hood to speak to me. He told me how each deity had chosen one of their followers, the one who best represented them, the one who was the closes to their ideals, and tha I would lead these people in battle. Each diety then shone a beam of light from their cloaks to dance in front of me, one at a time. For each deity, one priest, for a total of twelve priests to battle the Dark Mages. Good, Neutral, and Dark, all battling together for the first time, to stop the destruction of the world as we knew it, and I at the head of it, a task which I probably could never have been prepared for, and probably never could be. Woodblock Letter T he trees began to waver and shake, to disintegrate before my eyes, and suddenly I was on a mountain, and the only light surrounding me came from the twelve deities standing before me. I then noticed that behind each of those deities stood a cloaked figure, the one would would represent each deity. As each deity stepped aside, I was introduced to my Brothers and Sisters of Faith, the ones who would help me combat the Dark Mages and save the world as we knew it.

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