Woodblock Letter F or Ziose, there was Ferris, an old woman with a glint in her eyes that put fear in my heart. For Kalas, Berrith, the unassuming middle-aged man. For Nocturnis, Perth, a young man whose eyes seem to absorb the light. For Kyron, Quatranis, a young woman whose very movements indicated agression and violence. Together, they formed the True Priests of the Dark Path.

Woodblock Letter S elene stepped aside and revealed Mish, a small, old man whose smile warmed everyone's heart. For Solaris, Gorag, a lean man whose eyes seemed to blaze with the heart of the Sun. For Morike, Rantan, the young, beautiful woman whose aura calmed and soothed me. For Torickii, Nills, the middle-aged man who was scarred from countless battles. These four individuals formed the True Priests of the Good Path.

Woodblock Letter F inally, Maz stepped aside to reveal Wallen, the smallish woman with long hair the colour of the raven. For Lleyanna, Zeph, a quick, agile fellow with eyes that darted back and forth. For Rauthgar, Dalnor, a large, hairy man. And for Jodan, I. I, the small boy who left his wonderful village to explore the world. I, the wanderer who could never stay in one spot long enough to learn my neighbour's names. I, the outcast of the Temple of Jodan, was to be Jodan's representative in the ensuing war. Together, we made the True Priests of the Neutral Path.

Woodblock Letter T here we stood, all twelve of us, the True Priests, gathered together on the Unknown Mountain, deep inside the territory of the Dark Mages, far behind their lines.

And I was to lead them all.

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