Woodblock Letter I tried to explain that I was only a poor parishioner, barely scraping through life as it was, and that I was not fit to lead a flock of sheep, let alone the most powerful priests of each of the Gods. It was then that Ferris stepped forward, and said to me the one thing that has stayed in my mind, as feeble as it is, until now, and will be put on my tombstone when I leave this mortal realm...

I pledge my life to you, Brother in Faith, and will follow you wherever you may go.'

Woodblock Letter H e then laid his hand on my shoulder, and I felt the power of Ziose within him. It did not scare me as I thought it would have, but filled me with confidence, and strength.

One by one, each of the priests came forward, repeated what Ferris had said to me, and laid their hand on my shoulder as well. Together we stood, the Twelve True Priests, and I was to lead them all.

Woodblock Letter T hen each of our respective deities came forth, and laid one hand on the shoulder of their chosen, and the other on their forhead. The deities then somehow channelled the energies from them into their chosen ones. Black, red, and white light engulfed us all, and we became One with our Gods, and they One with us. That night, all twelve of us achieved something yet unheard of ... Immortality on the mortal plane. This was not the immortality that the common folk know, that the mortal husk may never die, but we achieved the status of keeping our souls throughout eternity, to sit beside our deities when our mortal husks were exhausted, and to stay there for eternity.

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