Woodblock Letter T hat night was a long night, each of us conferring with each other, with our gods, learning new spells from our deities that had never before been used, powers that had never before been shown to any mortals. All night we stayed up, learning about each other's deities, about each other's Paths, about each other. Woodblock Letter W e must have fallen asleep at some time, for the next thing I remember, which is sometimes unreliable in this foolish old head, was waking up to the new day, the Sun rising over the horizon, all twelve of us sleeping at the peak of the Unknown Mountain, sleeping calmly before the storm that was about to rip the realm apart. One by one we awoke, ready to face the challenge that our deities had given us. Together, we set off to prevent the Dark Mages from destroying the land, the Good, Neutral, and Evil Paths together for the first time ever.

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