Woodblock Letter A nd so our war began. I have no doubt that it was a war that is not recorded in history books, that is not told by the fireplaces to young children before they go to bed. IN many ways, it was a private war, no-one knowing we were there, no-one knowing the sacrifice we were making, no-one supporting us, no-one helping us. We fought on Faith alone, and Faith alone sustained us. Our Faith gave us Food, Water, Shelter, Strength, and everything else we needed during that bleak time. Our Gods were very near the entire time, lending us their strength, aiding us in our endeavours. But even with their help, we were no match for the might of the Dark Mages. After all, we were only twelve, against a vast army. Woodblock Letter O ne by one I watched my companions fall, each death more horrible than the next. Each time, the remaining priests tried in vain to save them, and each time, they were fruitless. Slowly the Twelve True Priests dwindled down to eight, then to five, each day bringing new perils as the Dark Mages realized our potential and turned their full attention to us. The Mages chiseled away at our Army, weakening us. But to the end, not one of the priests lost their Faith or turned on the other eleven, though some of what they experienced must have tempted them.

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