Woodblock Letter A nd the day came when there was but two, Ferris and I. Both of us had watched our comrades fall, fighting till the end. Both of us had gone through innumerable experiences and tortures, each more trying than the previous. We were becoming battle-weary, sore, tired, and even afraid. That night we slept fitfully, each of us with a sense of impending doom, knowing our own deaths lay in the near future.

Woodblock Letter F erris and I, who had become close at this point, as one would expect, fought valiantly for several days, cheating death several times, until Ferris fell, his wounds beyond my healing capabilities.

Screaming in anger, I somehow found the energy to finish off the group we were facing, and rushed to his side. I could see him smiling as the life left his body, each dying breath bringing him one step closer to the Godly Planes, where Ziose awaited him. And, like the other ten, his body disappeared in a flash as his dying breath left him, transported finally to his deity, and I envied him.

Woodblock Letter I was now alone, one priest against an entire army, and my Faith began to waver. At these odds, I remember thinking to myself, not even Galan could be victorious!

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