Woodblock Letter A nd suddenly, I found myself in a place of bright light, where I could see nothing, not even the ground on which I trod. I feared that perhaps I had blasphemed, but if I were to be punished, it had not come yet. As the light subsided, I noticed a small hut far in the distance. I walked slowly towards it, afraid that this was another ploy by the Dark Mages to get rid of me. I opened the door slowly, and before me stood... before me stood...

Pardon an old man, I still get emotional when I think of that day, that wondrous, glorious day.

Woodblock Letter B efore me stood a figure that I cannot describe. At the time, his appearance was quite obvious to me, and I could have described him perfectly then, but the moment I left I could not remember even what he wore. It was a figure that I had never seen, yet never been without. I recognized the figure, yet could not place it. And like a blow to the head, suddenly the world opened up before me. I suddenly had insight that I had never known possible, I understood even the smallest things, and had the feeling that I was instantly aware of millions of things I had no idea existed. And in that short, swift, moment of revelation, I realized that the figure standing before me was Galan.

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