Woodblock Letter I cannot describe what happened there, for I myself cannot remember exactly what happened, except for a tremendous feeling of peace, but at the same time, not peace. I felt all feelings that one could ever feel simultaneously. But what is more, I finally existed. Not existence like we know on the mortal planes, but a greater existence, an existence that I still to this day have not experienced again, and can barely remember.

Woodblock Letter T hat night I slept more deeply, more soundly than I had ever slept before, and when I woke up, I felt more refreshed than I had ever felt in my life. I looked upon everything not only with a new understanding, but with innate understanding that is too difficult to explain. I cannot put into words how I knew things, or what I knew, I just did. And with that knowledge, I fought the Dark Mages.

Woodblock Letter I fought them as I had never fought before. The Dark Mages, taken by surprise at my newfound strength, fell one by one under me, and as each one died, I prayed for their soul. I defeated many Dark Mages in the following weeks, weakening them to the point that they almost collapsed. But even I, with the strength of Galan, with all twelve gods sharing their power with me, could not defeat them.

Woodblock Letter T he Dark Mages gathered together every force they could, and threw it all at me in a desparate attempt to save their lives, and end mine. And it worked.

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