Woodblock Letter I laid on the peak of Unknown Mountain, back where it all began, dying. The Dark Mages, realizing they had won, but knowing also the strength of the Gods, backed away, but kept an eye on me. I could feel the blood seep from my body, the broken bones splintering up against themselves when I tried to move. And in that last instant, as my dying breath left my body, I could see out of my blood dimmed eyes a white light encompassing me, and my body shimmering and disappearing. Woodblock Letter W hen I awoke, I was on the Godly Plane, with all eleven of my companions surrounding me, and each of their deities behind them. Jodan himself was kneeling down beside me, helping me to sit up. I felt no pain, and realized that I had no injuries. I was dead, and here were my companions, together for eternity. We would sit next to our deities, aiding them in the battle to reclaim the world once the Dark Mages claimed it. Or so I thought.

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