Woodblock Letter E ach of the Twelve had been brought up to the Godly Plane just before death, and had been healed fully. We were not dead, only residing in the Plane until the time would come that we were to be sent back down to the Mortal Plane of existence, to bring back the Faith, as we believed in it, and as our Gods related it to us.

Woodblock Letter I soon learned that the Dark Mages were also repelled, and the realm saved, but not until they had deposed of every other priest in the land. They had organized, secretly, and without the priests' knowledge, to have a final showdown between Neutral, Good, and Evil Paths on the plains. A Mage had approached each Path disguising herself as a deserter from the other Paths, and convinced each leader that they were weak, and that they need to be defeated quickly.

The three Paths met on the plains, every priest in the realm, except the Twelve True, marching with them. They began the battle, but soon realized that their powers were gone. The gods had turned from them in their arrogance and selfishness, and had left them powerless. The priests panicked.

Woodblock Letter T he Dark Mages, expecting to see a battle, and then having one on their own hands, finally realized what had happened, and swooped in for the final kill. It was a slaughter.

Woodblock Letter C orpses piled one upon another, their once holy blood staining the ground a deep red that would never disappear. The Dark Mages showed no mercy, and not only killed all the priests, but tortured the few remaining priests for days, letting them linger on the verge of death, until the last breath escaped from the last priest remaining.

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