Woodblock Letter L ittle did the Dark Mages know that the Twleve True remained still, this all having taken place the day of the Meeting on Unknown Mountain. And it was the Twelve True that weakened the Dark Mages, allowing them to be defeated by the rest of the realm. A story recorded nowhere, except in the annals of the Gods, and in the memories of the Twelve, and those who died by their hands. Woodblock Letter T ime passed, and the other eleven priests and I conferred on how to bring about the new Guild, the One Guild, where all three Paths would house themselves together. Many things were decided, including the Faith, the Guild, and the Powers they would obtain. Over the many years that went by, we laid down many guidelines to help us achieve the goals we were taught by our Gods. We prepared everything we could think of, knowing that though it seemed to work in theory, it would take practice to know for certain, and we realized that things might change as the New, and True Guild grew.

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