Maz is the Embodiment of Time and the God of Fate.

Alignment: Neutral
Spheres: Charm and Summoning
HP Influence: Weak
SP Influence: Strong
Restrictions: No edged weapons, no helmet

Maz provides his followers with major access to the following spells:

Spell Name                  Command       Glev Cat  Sphere
Blade Barrier               blade          10   M   Summoning
Bless                       bless          10   M   Charm
Enthrall                    enthrall       11   M   Charm
Hallucinatory Forest        hforest        12   M   Charm
Devalue                     devalue        12   M   Summoning
Remove Paralysis            rempar         13   M   Charm
Succor                      succor         13   M   Summoning
Curse                       curse          14   M   Charm
Summon Help                 psummon        14   C   Summoning
Beneficence                 beneficence    15   M   Charm
Plane Shift                 planeshift     18   M   Summoning



Woodblock letter Maximillian Alexander Zacharius was an amazing man. Born to Siwel and Taca Zacharius, he excelled in school at an early age. At the University of Wayhaven, he studied the Sciences and Mathematics. Young Maximillian was always plagued by the question "why?". After leaving the University, he was given an officer position in the Wayhaven army, and soon was the youngest person to ever be promoted to the rank of General.

Woodblock letter But the art of war was not where his heart lay, though he was extremely proficient in tactics and combat. His wandering mind always questioned his orders, and because of it he soon found he was always in trouble. Throughout his life, his questioning of every 'fact', every question and every answer plagued him. He studied theology in hopes of finding the answers to some of his questions. He studied faith, and the powers therein. He wanted to know the hows and whys of divinity.

Woodblock letter Then the old gods relinquished their holy/unholy might to Galan. As Galan searched the souls of the world's people, he took notice of the burning questions in Maximillian's heart.

One day, during his studies and meditation, Maximillian was approached by an elderly man. The man stated that he had all the answers that had plagued Maximillian for so long. Maximillian was interested but not convinced by the old mans tale. 'You require proof' the old man said with a nod. 'Well of course' Max replied.

Woodblock letter With the speed of the wind the elderly man brushed his palm against Maximilliman's forehead. Images began to flood Max's mind. He was suddenly made aware of many things as his mind swam with information about the past about the present and about the future. 'You are Fate now, Maximillian. You are now Maz.' whispered the old man. 'You are the hows and the whys to all the questions of man,' Galan said.

And after Maximillian's mind cleared of all sights and sounds and feelings that dotted the landscape of his mind, one very simple word fell from his trembling lips: Why?

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Inscribed -- March 4, 2000

Followers Inscribed by: Ibix -- June 22, 1999