Nocturnis is the Goddess of Night, Seduction and Dark Magic.

Alignment: Dark
Spheres: Charm and Weather
HP Influence: Somewhat weak
SP Influence: Somewhat strong
Restrictions: No light-emitting armour

Known forms: Nocturnis has many forms and they all mimic one trait: they are all extraordinarily beautiful. However, her true form makes even those other shells pale in comparison. For she is truly a succubus in form as much as essence.

Eye color: Black. Hair color: Raven black. Hair type: Long.
Height: 5'9. Weight: 120 pd.

Other features: She has a tattoo of a five pointed star under her neck.
Usual attire: A lacy silk cloak.

Nocturnis provides her followers with major access to the following spells:

Spell Name                  Command       Glev Cat  Sphere
Bless                       bless          10   M   Charm
Lightning Strike            lstrike        11   C   Weather
Enthrall                    enthrall       11   M   Charm
Hallucinatory Forest        hforest        12   M   Charm
Remove Paralysis            rempar         13   M   Charm
Control Winds               cwind          14   M   Weather
Curse                       curse          14   M   Charm
Beneficence                 beneficence    15   M   Charm
Sunray                      sunray         15   C   Weather


Arawn, Bloodspaw, Carmen, Cathal, Chaser, Destiny, Don, Faile, Fester, Flower, Gumby, Kinthelt, Lecter, Macbeth, Mave, Meli, Nighthawk, Rubble, Saponifica, Silver, Sith, Twist, Vika, and Zafirex.

Woodblock Letter Nocturnis is the child of a Chaos lord and a Demon Princess. As such, she was born with myriad abilities, many of them much more potent and deadly than those of the average Demon. Born at the height of the Dark Mage Wars when Chaos Magic reigned high, she is not nearly as old as the other Deities. Mastering sorcery in all of its dark forms, she became the most powerful Demon Sorceress the universe has ever known. Battling Mages and Warlocks openly for their tomes and treasures was not her usual style. For she would meet then as an ally, seduce them and then drink from their Souls; in the process asorbing their arcane strength. By the time her name was known and murmured throughout the realms in fear, her power had grown too great for any mortal to combat much less challenge.

Nocturnis' ascension to Godhood is well known, for it is a legend not only spread by her, but by both Ziose and the Gods of Light with Pride.

The Chaos that spread because of the Dark Mage Wars was not limited to just the realms of mortals, but spread to the planes of the Gods as well.

Woodblock Letter During this time Kyron cut away the strings of fate, and broke away from Ziose's control. Leading her vast armies of Darkness not only against her but the rest of creation as well. Their forces already spent to combat the Chaos caused by the Dark Mages, the Gods of Light were unprepared and thus unable to hold Kyrons' new army at bay. Indeed if not for the intervention of Lleyanna, Jodan and Maz even the heavens themselves would have been swept into the destruction’s' wake.

Unholy alliances were made as Kalas fueled by the deaths of billions spread his influence throughout the realms; while fueling Kyrons' army with legions of Undead and with the promise of rebirth should they perish by fate.

Woodblock Letter Rules, enmities, and even Paths were cast aside as the Remaining Gods of Darkness, Neutrality and Light banned together to stop the destruction, and Kalas's and Kyrons' growing strength. The battles which ensued tore at the very fabric of the lower and upper planes, as these cosmic Deities clashed. The combined might of the remaining Gods could have easily destroyed this universe, but their battle with Kalas, Kyron and the legions of Undead and Darkness soon became a stalemate. Unable to effectively combat the spreading Chaos, while overpower the two nearly omnipotent Gods, they used trickery to end this cataclysm fate.

Woodblock Letter Morike, Gaia, and Torickii combined their cosmic strength to heal the dying, protect the wounded and raise the newly dead to sap Kalas's strength. While these three Gods focused all their might on this solemn task, Maz bent time and sent himself into the past. His task was not to change the past, as Maz himself is bound against such an act. But instead to alter Kyrons' fate.

Woodblock Letter Merging himself with the flow of time, Maz became one with all whom lived within that time. In this task he became aware of Nocturnis, and thus sealed both her and Kyrons' fate. For he knew that they would both fall in love, and in hate. His task complete, he let go and returned to the present to see the plan unfold.

Woodblock Letter With Maz Gone it fell upon Lleyanna and the Twin Gods Solaris to lead the remaining forces of Light and Neutrality against Kyron, and his legions of Darkness and Undead. In these battles they too became aware of a Sorceress with near godly strength, and they instantly knew Maz had completed his task. For upon the battlefield they clashed with this Demon Sorceress and could only marvel at her strength.

Woodblock Letter The precise twist of fate Maz invoked is not known, however it led to Kyron falling in love with Nocturnis, instead of hate. A general in his army, she too fell in love with this godly warrior, but this love of hers soon turned to hate. For while their souls were both stained black, his power exceeded hers and that was a sin she could not bear. Foolishness was never her way, Nocturnis knew if she challenged him openly she would seal her fate. So she hid away her growing fear and continued to obey him while acting like she did not care.

Woodblock Letter On the realms of death Kalas raged in madness and despair, for while empowering Kyron his strength was nearly halved. Morikes' ploy to rob him of dead soon began to drain him far more then even she had planned. Their opportunity set Jodan and Selene led by Ziose, battled Kalas and his dwindling numbers of dead. Lasting not hours or days as clashes do with mortals, these three Deities led an all out assault against the Lord of the Dead that lasted not days or weeks but many months.

And that is all Nocturnis wants to be said, from this chain of events her divinity held true as she rose from the ranks of Demons to become an almighty Dark God.

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Inscribed -- March 4, 2000

Followers Inscribed by: Ibix -- June 22, 1999